DIY Easy Shoe Storage Project

Is a shoe mountain growing in your house where the shoes are covered with rain, mud, and everything in between? Are the mornings taking extra 5-10 minutes to get out of the door playing the shoe pile scramble, and then navigating the resulting shoe obstacle course? If you have had enough then now is the time to begin a DIY shoe storage project with some boards, shaker pegs, pipes or hangers. Now you can finally achieve shoe organization!

Project 1

You need 6″x10′ PVC pipe and cut it into ten 12″ pieces. Clean the pipe pieces and sand all of the rough edges. You can be creative in decorating these pipe pieces with paint, wall paper or anything under the sun. Glue the logs together using PVC glue and clamp in place and leave them to dry overnight. Stack them in place and enjoy your cute and organized shoes!

Project 2

Peg boards hung low so that all of the shoes will be contained close to the wall. Materials needed, 20 pegs for hanging 10 pairs of shoes. A left over boards which is around 1 x 4, or you can buy any MDF or plywood in the same size. Make sure that the board is thicker than the inset portion of the peg. Super strong glue and 1/2 inch drill bit (or bit that is sized for your pegs) and drill ends this list.

Start by sanding the wood and pegs and prime and paint the wood prior to drilling the holes. Drill the holes around 4” apart and centered down the middle of the board. Now screw the board onto the wall at appropriate height on one side. Glue the pegs into the holes following glue instructions. The pegs should fit snugly, if a peg is loose, shave a few slivers of wood from some scrap lumber that can be shimmed into the hole with the Caulk any gaps and fill holes or cracks, then paint or finish the pegs to your liking and wait for it to dry.

Project 3

Another easy and clever project for storing shoes is turning cheap wire hangers into hanging storage for shoes. Purchase inexpensive, plastic-coated hangers, snip the wire and bent it into specific shapes to hold various footwear. Your expensive collection will fit neatly on the wall using some string, but could be hung on tension rods, clothesline, or a number of other horizontal surfaces. This is a very compact and useful DIY shoe rack idea. In order to start, you will need the following.

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